Attic Insulation & Energy Efficiency

Did you know that the performance of your new roof goes deeper than just adding new shingles? It takes a complete roofing system which includes ventilation and insulation to receive the maximum performance. A complete roof system will insure comfort while saving money on utility bills and helping to extend the life of your roof.

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Energy Efficient Attic Insulation

The cost of energy continues to raise it’s time to take action. If your home is 10 to 15 years or older, there may be a good chance that it is not well insulated. Energy loss occurs in your home when you do not have enough insulation. Whether you realize up to 40% of a homes conditioned air escapes through the attic. An improper insulated attic is a major source of energy loss, resulting in dollars lost.

Trapped heat and moisture in the attic can severely jeopardize the performance of a roof. The combination of insulation and ventilation systems helps keep excessive household moisture out. As a result, the proper conditions are met and the temperature in the attic is easily maintained.

Attic Moisture can Cause:

  • Wet wood-sagging roof decking
  • Potential insect infestations
  • Mold, spore fungi and mildew
  • Metal nails to rust
  • Interior drywall damage

Attic Heat can Cause:

  • Ice dams
  • Premature failure of roofing shingles

Protect Against Energy Prices & Weather with Harris Insulation

Since energy costs are only going to increase, it’s a good idea to start protecting your home against rising energy prices. A well insulated home can help reduce the cost of utility bills in the summer and winter. By adding Owens Corning Pink Fiberglass blown-in insulation, it will increase your attics R-value.

R-value is the measurement of insulating performance. All insulation products are measured by the common standard R-value. R-value measures the resistance of heat flow. By adding insulation to your attic you will increase your R-value. The greater the R-value the better insulated your attic will be against heat flow.

Harris can install any fiberglass insulation into your attic at a cheap price. By adding insulation you will increase your attics R-value which will help keep your home cooler in the summer months and warmer in the winter months.