Mastic Ventura Hidden Vent Soffit

As a quality soffit and fascia contractor in the area, Harris provides Mastic soffit products. The Ventura hidden vent soffit gives your home a sculpted, finished look in matching vinyl siding colors. This unique Mastic Hidden Vent design subtly delivers one of the highest net-free area performances of any vinyl soffit. Compared to competitive panels, it can provide up to 50% more ventilation space in each panel.

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For the perfect combination in sleek design and ventilation, this product is your best choice. Ventura will add a nice look for the home, while also providing optimum airflow from the hidden vents. Made for clean lines and smooth surfaces, Ventura’s unique hidden vent system secretly directs outside air in through the rafters and under the roofing to help create a necessary air circulation cycle. This ventilation will keep your attic at a proper temperature as well as protect your attic insulation from damage.

Mastic Hidden Vent Soffit InstalledMastic Features:
  • Hidden Vent – Provides up to 50% more free airflow than other competitor’s hidden vent soffit.
  • Ventilation Area – 9.19 Square Inches Per Square Ft.
  • Class 1(A) Fire Rating
  • 5/8″ Panel Projection – Enhanced shadow lines mimic the appearance of real wood panels.
  • Faster, Easier Cutting = Faster and Easier Installation
  • V.I.P Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Sustainable – Built from readily available natural materials – Ventura vinyl soffit is environmentally friendly.
  • No Paint, No Hassles – Painting or staining is not required, so harmful VOC’s aren’t spread into the air.
  • Breathe Easy – Cutting it does not create any harmful silica dust, which can cause lung disease.
  • Hang-Tough Technology – Strengthens the panels to increase resistance to cracking, impact, and thermal distortion.
  • Duranyl 5000 Protection – Protects our deepest, most vivid colors against sever weather and adds longs-term weatherability.