Centurion Stone Veneer Siding

Centurion Stone provides clients with a durable, resilient, and natural-looking stone veneer siding which will leave your neighbors wondering if it’s the real thing! Their authentic stone faux material is beautiful and will accentuate the rest of your home’s exterior. Also, this type of siding is much more affordable for homeowners when compared to its alternative, real stone!

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Harris is a siding company that provides affordable and attractive styles from Centurion. Even though many people love the appearance of homes with stone wall surfaces, they don’t like the cost needed in order to actually get stone walls for their home. If you’d like to give your property that stone appearance without breaking the bank, you should look at a few of the options for man-made stone siding. Centurion Stone offers gorgeous stone veneer siding for residential and commercial properties. This siding style looks great on virtually any architectural style. When upgrading your siding, it is a good time to evaluate replacing your windows as well as ensuring your soffit and fascia match the new siding.