Gutters & Downspouts

Harris features full-service replacement gutters and downspout systems. Improperly installed materials can cause serious drainage problems such as leaky basements and cracks in the foundation. Poorly pitched gutters can also cause ice damming or other storm damage. Our team can install new rainwater removal systems on your home today. We provide expert installation services using Alside and ACM products.

While you are updating, replacing, or just installing new gutters, it is important to also check the condition of your soffit and fascia boards. If they have been damaged or deteriorated over time, it could be time to replace your fascia at this time as well.

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Advantages of Installing Aluminum Seamless Gutter Systems:

  • Help control water runoff
  • Help preserve landscaping
  • Help prevent basement flooding and foundation damage
  • Reduce expensive annual maintenance costs
  • Control moisture and rotting problems in eaves and overhangs
  • Help increase the value of your home
  • Systems with Leaf Relief Gutter Protection Solution provide a maintenance-free home


  • 5” Aluminum Seamless (standard size)
  • 6” Aluminum Seamless (oversized)

Downspouts Sizes:

  • 2”x 3” Aluminum (standard size)
  • 3’x 4” Aluminum (oversized)

Why choose Harris Exteriors for Gutter Replacement?

  • Help protect the beauty of your home & landscaping
  • Styles with baked-on enamel finish never need painting
  • We offer several color options of systems to compliment your home’s trim colors
  • Seamless gutters eliminate unsightly seams and reduces the possibility of leaks
  • We attach your system with hidden hangers every 2 feet to reduce sagging
  • Formed on the job-site in our “gutter factory on wheels”
  • We offer a Lifetime Materials Manufacturer’s Warranty and a 5-Year Labor Workmanship Warranty
  • Most of our installation jobs are completed in one day

Custom Made Styles

Gutter Installation and Replacement

We specialize in seamless 5” and 6” styles. We form your gutters on-site from a machine in the back of our work truck. The material starts from a flat coil of aluminum. We use 0.32 gauge aluminum coil stock. The coil is fed through the forming machine and is cut to the exact length needed for your home roof line. The gutter is then installed on your home using aluminum brackets spaced every 2 ft.

Harris Exteriors & More installs 2 x 3 inch flashing, which goes under your first level of your roof shingles and into the gutter. Flashing will help keep water from penetrating behind your system and destroying your fascia boards. We install elastic seam sealer at all end caps, miters and  drop outlets. We offer several products from major brands including Alside and ACM.


Aluminum gutters and downspouts are what is most often used on many home’s today which are both new and old. It is a lot more cost-effective and features a few benefits. You have the ability to reduce clogging of your downspouts and rainwater removal systems by also having a cover installed to protect against the build-up of leaves and other outdoor debris.

If you’ve got any questions about our gutters or installation services, do not hesitate to contact us today!