Marvin Replacement Windows

Harris is a window company that sells and installs a range of Marvin brand windows for both new installation and replacement options. Marvin has a prosperous reputation for building high quality new replacement windows. Their craftsmanship, knowledge and commitment date back to 1912. Their tradition of providing the finest windows and doors started in Warroad, Minnesota, where their family-owned and operated company is still based. Harris continues their tradition by ensuring proper matching of windows to your home and expert installation of this quality product. While replacing your windows, it is a great time to look into upgrading your siding to give your whole home exterior a refresh.

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Casement Windows

Ultimate Clad

Marvin Ultimate Casement WindowA cutting-edge casement window which you can use for new construction, remodeling or total window replacement.


Marvin Ultimate Replacement Casement WindowCreated for simple window replacement, this window could also be used in home improvement and new construction projects.


Marvin Ultimate French Casement WindowA conventional casement window without any center post offers wide open views. May be used in new construction or window replacement uses.

Push Out

Marvin Ultimate Push Out Casement WindowDeveloped for easy window replacement, this push out casement may also be used with remodeling and new construction jobs.

Push Out Replacement

Marvin Ultimate Push Out Replacement Casement WindowDeveloped for easy window replacement, this push out casement may also be used with remodeling and new construction jobs.

Push Out French

Marvin Ultimate Push Out French Casement WindowCreated without having a center post, this window offers spacious views. May be used with new construction or window replacement applications.

Venting Picture

Marvin Ultimate Venting Picture WindowAn innovative design and style brings together the beauty of a picture window with the convenience of fresh air.

Double Hung Windows

Ultimate Clad

Marvin Ultimate Double Hung WindowA high performance standard Double Hung window for remodeling, replacement or even brand new construction.


Marvin Ultimate Insert Double Hung WindowInsert replacement windows are mounted into a pre-existing window frame. The exterior and interior trim of your home will not be disturbed.


Marvin Ultimate Double Hung Magnum WindowAn innovative design and style brings together the beauty of a picture window with the convenience of fresh air.

Awning Window

Ultimate Clad

Marvin Ultimate Awning WindowMay be used on its own or with the new Ultimate Casement for new construction or renovating projects.

Push Out

Marvin Ultimate Push Out Awning WindowWorks extremely well alone or as a complement to Ultimate Push Out Casements.


Marvin Ultimate Replacement Awning WindowMade with a narrow jamb to be used in frame-in-frame window replacement solutions or even in full frame replacement.

Replacement Push Out

Marvin Ultimate Push Out Replacement Casement WindowA push out awning remedy for window replacement, remodeling and new construction.

Glider Window

Marvin Ultimate Glider WindowThe Ultimate Glider delivers high quality craftsmanship, contemporary styling and a modern, sleek look for any home. Boasting an ergonomic handle and smooth hardware for simple operation with just one hand, the Ultimate Glider’s slim profile is a superb space-saving alternative with all the energy efficiency advantages of a traditional style.

Features: Window

  • Two-point, concealed lock immediately locks whenever window is closed
  • Easy wash feature guarantees your views will always be clean
  • Meets ENERGY STAR® criteria to lower heating and cooling costs

Bay Window

Usually, these are produced from 3 windows: a big picture window is flanked by smaller sized windows on the sides which are set at 30°, 45°, 60° or 90° angles.

  • Perfect for emphasizing and enhancing views
  • A terrific way to add a seat or lounging area within the home
  • Can be as cozy or expansive as you wish

Bow Window

Any number of Ultimate Double Hung or Ultimate Casements are joined together to produce a lightly curved bow style.

  • Teally a beautiful way to open any room and get a view.
  • Bent, laminated seat and head boards are available for an ideal finish.

Special Shape Window

Marvin’s special shape styles are available in either clad or wood polygon or rectangular shapes.

Marvin Ultimate Special Shape Windows

Retractable Screen Window

Marvin Retractable Screen WindowThe innovative Retractable Screen from Marvin® makes the most of the Casement and Awning windows providing a screen that lets the breeze in and easily retracts out of sight to offer enjoyable scenery. A tight seal, a strong adjustable pull bar and hidden magnetic locking system ensure extraordinary performance and superior looks. Marvin’s unique concealed design makes the screen nearly undetectable when the screen is in the retracted position. No more replacing screens with the seasons again.

  • Universal Design – easy to reach, easy to operate by pulling the screen form side to side for casements or pull the screen from top to bottom on awning windows
  • Concealed system seamlessly blends in, without intruding into daylight opening
  • Retro-fit capability allows simple conversion of existing unit (Ultimate Casements and Ultimate Awnings)
  • Installation friendly system – easy to remove, clean, paint or stain

Interior Shade System

Marvin offers a fully integrated interior shade system that provides functionality, beauty and performance. On windows and swinging doors, the integrated shade operates from both the top down and the bottom up, allowing the user to position it anywhere – a feature no other window and door manufacturer offers. On sliding doors, Marvin’s shades move with the door – an industry first. No longer does the user have to open the shades to operate the door.

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