Alside Soffit

Harris is a trusted soffit and fascia contractor in the area providing Alside soffit products. This soffit features an innovative TriBeam® Design. Thanks to TriBeam, Charter Oak is the most rigid vinyl soffit available today. It covers uneven surfaces and delivers an exceptionally even course line while resisting sagging and twisting over time. Charter Oak is an attractive, low-maintenance option for porch ceilings, large overhangs, or anywhere you want to create high impact visual appeal. For eaves, ask for Charter Oak ventilated paneling. Aeration openings hidden inside the panel’s grooves provide the air flow that reduces heat and humidity build-up in attics and prevent damage to your attic insulation. When inspecting or replacing your soffit, it is also a good idea to have your roof inspected for any damage or wear.

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Charter Oak’s gently rounded panel edges and elegant 3-1/3″ exposure width combine with hidden aeration openings to provide the special appearance of expensive wood soffit. Also featuring a finely textured, low-gloss surface looks and feels like freshly applied paint. Plus, Charter Oak is available in various colors that can be beautifully tailored to existing Alside siding, trim, and accent options.

Charter Oak Premium Vinyl Soffit provides a beautiful option to add a unique look to any home!

With the superior quality you can expect from Alside, their line of soffits are made for longevity and durability. Built to be tough, durable, and visually appealing, the Charter Oak was created to provide a premium vinyl product that sets itself apart from competitors.


  • Pure Strength Vinyl Resin – Provides the soffit with strength and weather protection. The resin helps prevent moisture from leaking through, so the panels won’t degrade, warp, or swell. This feature provides a low-cost, easy maintenance.
  • Tri-Shield Titanium Dioxide – Prevents ultraviolet degradation that is known to damage the surface of soffit panels.
  • StayRight ™Vinyl Stabilizers – Prevents heat degradation.
  • TrueShield  Impact Modifiers – Provides the Charter Oak strong impact resistance, helping to prevent denting and or dinging from routine activites around the home.
  • Designers Choice Pigment Concentrate – Applied to the soffit to produce uniform colors that go clear through Charter Oak panels. You’ll never have to stain or paint again, because the color won’t wash away.

Charter Oak…No Other Soffit Gives You More!

  • Eye Catching Beauty
  • Durable and Resistant
  • Trusted Dependability
  • Easy Maintenance