Reliable Replacement Doors, Windows, Siding, and Roofing Installations in Palatine, IL

Palatine, IL being “A Real Home Town” in the Cook County area, our company preserves this village motto through replacement doorswindowssiding, and roofing services that create and maintain beautiful housing. With exponential growth in population, currently at 68,557 residents to date, keeping property values high is important for the community and economy. Harris Exteriors is a reliable company with reliable services that work with customers and budget constraints for optimal upgrades. Our priority family-oriented consultations, that consider financing, project time-frames, and the best exterior results for future generations residing within your home. Whether you’re looking for energy efficient windows & doors, designer siding styles and colors, or roof shingles that are unique in comparison to the ‘norm’, our team can help. We have selected experts that are alternatively designers as well, making a smooth transition between innovative concepts and realistic approach. Replacing any exterior is a serious investment, and our company strives to make this a positive experience and outcome.

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Patio & Replacement Doors

We provide installations for many types of doors including sliding patio, entrances, and interior rooms. We utilize fire-rated doors like Therma-Tru, as well as Marvin and Andersen brands that deliver multiple designs and purposes. Replacement doors can be slightly difficult to choose when deciding what looks beautiful but also delivers results. We also carry Waudena Millwork who manufacture several types of wooden doors with different grains and tree-origination. Our replacement doors are selected for quality assurance to our customers, as modifications to any exterior is important for better home value. We accomplish this with a balance between budget and current estate necessities.

Replacement Windows and Styles

We carry some of the biggest brands in the industry including Andersen, Sierra Pacific, Marvin, and Alside for all of your replacement window needs. Each product has unique styles and designs that give homeowners a ways to customize their exterior visual aesthetics. We also carry insulated models for those that are looking for energy efficiency within their home. The types of windows consist of double hung, casement, awning, picture, sliding, bay & bow, and more. Every different size and frame is available here at Harris Exteriors: your window installers of Palatine, IL and surrounding areas.

Designer Roofing

Roofing comes with modifications and specifications of your overall visual representation outside the house. Much like siding, roofing makes all the difference when it comes to increasing property value and creating positive first-impressions. This goes without saying that our different shingles also preserve and protect your home from the elements. This is why we carry some more weather-resistant specific models for the conscientious homeowner that wishes to look towards the future. Some of these models come from GAF® and Owens Corning® with various colors, styles, and design patterns. If you’re looking for the ultimate approach in roof replacement, DaVinci Roofscapes® slate shingles will deliver a natural aesthetic while performing under heavy climate conditions at the same time.

Replacement Siding: Vinyl, Insulated, & Stone Veneer

Siding is traditionally a quick decision when choosing the type of material desired. Often homeowners turn to the popular vinyl material, which is an excellent choice in every situation. However, our team at Harris Exteriors believes in premium finishes for modern day homes and estates with more luxurious appeal. That’s why we also provide stone veneer siding that will speak volumes to glancing eyes. Our contractors are certified in handling any type of stone veneer to create quality layouts. We also offer insulated models for energy efficiency throughout the entire home with built-in protective barriers for hot & cold temperature control. If you’re looking for flexible replacement siding services with additional, customizable options, contact our experts today.

Gutter Replacements

As gutter replacement contractors we offer aluminum, steel, and copper systems under the ACM® brand. Copper is a significant upgrade to the traditional gutter system, making a luxurious appeal almost instantly. If you’re looking for protection from debris and clogged gutters, we also have covers and guards by Leaf Relief with 100% protection without water disruption. Our team has been integrating new systems for years, giving homeowners a chance to protect their home exteriors. If you’re looking for seamless gutter installers that know the trade, we can help.

Soffit & Fascia Replacement

If soffit & fascia is on your radar, our company has a great selection available. We carry wood, aluminum, vinyl, and fiber cement materials; each with their own unique styles and color choices. Creating a solid trim around your home creates a well-established appeal for your home, transforming it into modern aesthetics. To make seamless installation easier, we carry the best brands available including LP® SmartSide®, Alside®, and Mastic®, which will deliver the results you’re looking for without threatening an unnatural look.

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With 68,557 residents living in Palatine, IL, it’s no question that the community has flourished from respectable homes and a growing economy. With our ongoing installation of windows, doors, siding, roofing, and gutters, we have helped preserve this conversion of a prosperous community for future generation. Requested by homeowners in the surrounding area of Palatine, we continue to drive the establishment of friendly neighborhoods through our quality exteriors and services. To get a quote, simply contact us and to schedule a professional appointment for consultation and planning.