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Exterior shutters can be used either as a shield against the weather or as an aesthetic accent for your home or business. They may be purchased manufactured from vinyl, wood, aluminum or fiberglass and made to fit either a historic façade or one which is newer. A product that complements your existing siding will help your windows really stand out!

There are numerous designs for these exterior products. such as Bahama or Bermuda shutters which are created in one piece to fit the window and may be propped open at the bottom. There are also customized styles made to fit a specific window.

The louvers on the exterior shutter don’t move, thus, they’re built to be tilted to keep the sun’s rays out and provide air flow. The finish on the product is generally either paint or stain. They are often made from a hardwood material to withstand the elements.

Selecting an exterior shutter for your house can often be a challenging decision due to the selection available. Would you like your home to stress its history (if it is an older home) or do you want the home windows to look like magnificently framed pieces of art? Would you like the shutter to open and close or would you like it to be in a fixed position? A lot of the more modern homes will now come built with stationary shutters. Before you decide to shop for materials for your home, make a check list to decide which kind of options you are looking for and be sure you use an experienced window company to install your new shutters.

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