Proper insulation is essential in every home, particularly in northern regions that experience a lot of wind, rain and snow. And there are a few vital approaches to insulation that homeowners need to know to get the job done right. The last thing you want is a superficial solution that will break down and need yet further repairs in a few months.

With the proper approach, homeowners can find out which areas are in need of better insulation – as well as when it may be time for a full window or door replacement

Thoroughly Inspect the Quality of Your Old Insulation

Start by inspecting the insulation in areas that may be letting cold winter air into your home. Insulation surrounding doors can be inconsistent, and you might not realize it until you remove the surrounding panels and take a closer look at what is inside of the wall around them. Only that way can you discover what approach will be sufficient to keep in the warm air and keep out cooler air. 

Determine Whether Cold Air is Penetrating Your Windows 

Sometimes the temperature of a home’s outer walls are measurably warmer than the doors and windows. If the temperature drops as you approach your windows, it’s a sign you’re in need of better insulation in those areas. There are different ways to make that happen. Common steps to resolve the problem, at least temporarily, can include:

  1. Removing the trim
  2. Testing for air leaks
  3. Examining the quality of existing insulation
  4. Trimming the calk surrounding the area
  5. Providing new insulation around the edges
  6. Replace trim boards if applicable

A home exterior professional will provide a more accurate sense of any air leakage and the best approach to remedy the situation. 

Replace Damaged Windows and Doors

Repairing insulation and leaks in windows and doors might be enough to address the situation. But there comes a time when those repairs are no longer working. They can even lead to wasting money and resources and even further damage. An expert will review your options and help you find the more appropriate, high-quality replacement for your home.

Replace Your Attic Insulation with More Advanced, Effective Solution

How old are the insulation materials in your attic? If they’re no longer doing the job effectively, replacing them can seal in hot and cold air, help your HVAC system run more efficiently, and eventually lower your energy bills.

A consultant from Harris Exteriors will take a look at the space in question, assess your insulation and let you know if adding newer blown insulation is necessary. Newer products such as AtticCat® attic insulation are better at maintaining their consistency and last longer than older solutions that still exist in many Midwestern homes.

Take Appropriate Steps Using the Best Home Insulation Products

If the problem isn’t serious, you may just need to apply a high-grade sealant in the cracks and crevices around your doors or windows. On cold, windy days, the air around newly insulated spaces should be measurably warmer. Even if by a couple degrees, that controlled indoor climate will feel more comfortable and help keep your bills lower, as well. Your home will be less expensive to heat overall since the warm air won’t be escaping through hidden, poorly insulated areas.

Some other places you may want to inspect or add insulation:

Contact Harris Exteriors for Expert Home Insulation Services

A proper assessment is necessary to take the correct approach to any home insulation solutions. You could use expensive, high-quality insulation products but they won’t get the job done if they’re a mismatch for what is actually going on in your home. Consult with Harris Exteriors, a home insulation expert that will let you know if there are ways to improve your home’s insulation.

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A man adding insulation in a wall.