Downers Grove is a beautiful suburb close to the city of Chicago. It is home to over 49,000 people, and everyone living here knows how brutal the winters can be. They are filled with snow, ice, and terribly cold temperatures. That being said, it’s not uncommon for ice dams to form along your roofline. If this has happened at your home, you’re going to need to get the ice removed before it causes serious damage to your roofing materials, your gutters, and even to your home’s siding.
A strongly built home is still no match for ice dams. These nasty frozen build-ups are rarely taken into consideration by most roofers. Only a few service providers will advise their clients on these issues. Harris Exteriors and More is reputed for their comprehensive services that are based on quality information regarding all types of issues that could occur on top of your home. When installing a roof, we will let you know what materials are going to be most well-suited for ice dams – i.e. ones that aren’t going to be damaged so easily. They will stand up to the cold and horrible winter conditions that often plague this area of the state.
Ice dams are caused by the heavy falling snow during the winter. Ice collects on the roof and runs slowly down the roof due to the inside, warm air coming from inside your home. Unfortunately, the running ice could easily stop at the overhangs since the temperatures here are lower than those on top of the home. This causes ice to refreeze, resulting into ice dams. The eventual effects are damage to the roof, which is evident by the various water spots seen on your ceiling, and they can also damage gutters and your siding. We can take care of your ice dams and any damage that was done to the outside of your home.