Glenview, IL is a suburb of Chicago with over 44,000 residents. The beautiful neighborhood is located in Cook County. The region has many homeowners who require quality roofing services and other exterior services at an affordable cost. At Harris Exteriors & More, we make sure that we provide our customers with personalized attention and the dependable services that they need and deserve. Your home’s exteriors could be begging for an upgrade and the big question is ‘how much will it cost?’ Well, it is important to understand the need to have your house looking modern and classy and taking care and controlling ice dams will help with keeping your siding and roof in good shape.
Melting ice on top of the roof could slowly run along the top of your home when the inside warm air leaks through the attic area. This melting ice can suddenly stop at the overhangs due to the refreezing water since the temperatures here are lower than the underside warm air. This causes the ice dams to form, thus damaging the roof and even your siding, eventually. Water damage can be seen on the ceiling, and eventually there could be leaking into the living areas of your home.
Ice dams are known to cause serious damage to a roof. Caused by heavy snowfalls during the cold, freezing weather can trigger this problem.
You do not have worry anymore – Harris Exteriors & More is here to save you the agony of living in a home with such a condition. We will ensure that your roof is able to deal with ice dams and we can also replace damaged areas. We will seal your ducts to prevent warm air from leaking our of your attic space, as well. This goes a long way to ensure no ice dams collect at the overhangs since the outside and the underside air have similar temperatures.