Skylight Windows

Skylights make it possible for natural light to enter a space through the ceiling. Homeowners set them up to lower electricity costs and illuminate without harsh lighting. The basic kinds of skylights are frame-in-place and curb-mounted. The very first version is set up flush with the roof plane and attached with L-shaped brackets. Curb-mounted varieties are situated on curbs over the roof plane.

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Skylight Installation

Skylight InstallationInstallation of skylights should always be done by a professional window company or roofing company to ensure everything is done to code. A skylight’s framing assembly includes 3 parts and a framed curb is needed for a curb-mounted style. Headers are utilized to frame the roof opening and the ceiling opening is framed in the same way. Framing linking the ceiling and roof openings is known as the light shaft. It might be flared or vertical and is also insulated and finished.

The framing process consists of a number of steps which include measuring 2×6 headers for the roof and ceiling openings and 2×4 headers for the light shaft. Holes have to be drilled through the roof to indicate the location of the framing, with installation taking place both in and out of the home. How the opening is framed is dependent upon the position and size of the skylight.

Solar Tubes

Solar Tube InstallationThis eco-friendly product utilizes a renewable energy source, so you don’t need to concern yourself with high energy bills or contributing to the world’s pollution problems. If there’s one solar-powered product you need to check out, Velux ® solar tubes for indoor lighting should be near the top of your list.

Velux ® Solar Tubes (or “daylight pipes”) function by setting up a dome-like fixture, which will serve to absorb sunlight from your roof. The absorbed sunlight is directed by a very reflective piping system (generally produced from aluminum) into the indoor diffuser lens situated on the ceiling of the dimly lit room. With respect to the manufacturer, the average tube kits are designed for lighting an area as wide as 150-450 square feet.

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