Home Exterior Siding, Gutters, Roofing, Windows, & Doors in Schaumburg, IL

It’s incredibly hard to replace any part of your home, however at Harris Exteriors we believe innovation and exterior maintenance is key to successful housing, as well as property value. That’s why we continue to provide siding, gutters, roofing, windows, and doors, to all western counties; especially the robust town of Schaumburg, IL. Schaumburg remains a great place to raise a family and invest in home exteriors with soaring property values all over. In close proximity of the Golden Corridor for business expansion, Woodfield Mall (the 11th largest mall in the country) for local attractions, and overall being a complete suburban ‘metropolis’ for modern housing. This is maintained with proper exterior maintenance and replacements throughout the area, with energy efficient windows, doors, insulated vinyl siding, advanced roof shingles, beautiful soffit and fascia trimmings, and lest we forget gutters that subtly blend with your home while protecting against leaks. At Harris Exteriors, we provide customized concepts for homeowners to stand out from the rest of your neighbors with beautiful home exterior remodeling or initial installation for new homes. Whether you’re looking to replace one exterior or multiple, our experts can deliver premium results for any scenario.

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Premium Replacement Windows

We have a wide selection of replacement windows available with multiple popular brands in the industry. You may have heard of Marvin® which is professionally crafted windows with design prioritized foremost along with efficiency. Andersen is well rounded replacement window series that we carry, with everything from casement, picture, awning, single & double-hung, as well as bay & bow styles. Most of our brands have these different style classifications including Alside, and Sierra Pacific®. Our experts are certified in the handling and installation in windows, as well as insulation experience for better integration within your framework. We’re one of the best window replacement companies in the area, and among the top rated in Schaumburg.

Home Siding Replacements

With unique ideas and innovative designs, Harris Exteriors brings you professional services and products that will create completely new looks and feels for your home. For years we have dedicated our company to siding and other various exteriors while expanding our product selection based on quality. We believe in quality for the investment of your home, which is why we have specifically picked James Hardie as one of our brands – an industry leading siding manufacturer. This goes without saying we carry Mastic as well, which is competitive in comparison with designer siding panels. Alside® is also an excellent brand for many situations. Get new siding from real professionals that can assist with a more designer-esque approach for your modern home.

Replacement Doors & Entryways

All of our replacement doors are reliable products that completes the exterior of your home. Our quality care is our priority when installing any door, coupled with the certified brands we carry and trust. If you’re looking for a premium finish on any of your new entrance door, interior doors, or sliding patio doors, contact the experts at Harris Exteriors. We carry all types of doors, including wood with various tree-types. This mainly comes from Waudena Millwork who are exceptional craftsmen with wood. For any patios we recommend our Marvin and Alside products who specialize in this door type. If you’re looking for more protection, Therma-Tru will safe-guard against any fire hazard.

Premium Roofing & Shingles

In all intent and purposes, roofing is an equally important exterior. Many homeowners settle for standardized roofs from local contractors. However, at Harris Exteriors we take a step further in providing more design-worthy shingles and advanced types of roofing products for weather protection or insulation. This includes regular shingle roofs and slate roofs. If you’re looking for slate, DaVinci Roofscapes® is the best brand in the industry that we carry. Our other selected models and brands for shingles come in different color options and styles. This includes that renowned GAF® and Owens Corning® products with alternative trends and functions. If you’re looking for roofers in your area, choose our contractors that have experience in premium roofing.

New Soffit & Fascia

Like many homes, soffit and fascia becomes weathered over time if your gutter system has failed. Are you needing a replacement for appeal or repair? In either case we have top-selected brands available for any installation. This includes LP Smartside, Alside, and Mastic respectively. Soffit and fascia has always been an excellent trim in addition to your exteriors, complimenting the entire aesthetic that you desire. There are many functions, pieces, and frameworks available that can make any type of home workable. Whether you have a porch, slanted roofs, or any type of over-hangs, our team can effectively provide soffit and fascia installation with a customized approach and quality.

Gutters & Gutter Covers

Our team team provide highly efficient gutter systems and installation services for the protection of your home. This includes an entire replacement gutter of your choosing, integration with your home’s exterior, and gutter covers and guards to ward off debris. Preventing leaks, clogs, and ground-puddles is important for your home’s prosperous future. That’s why we have selected Alside® and ACM® gutters as recommended products that we carry. Water mitigation is key to providing a safe house from weather conditions. To finish any project we install Leaf Relief gutter covers for a complete set-up. No system is safe without proper protections in place, and we strive to assist homeowners in the wake of threatening storms.

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Originally settled in 1835, Schaumburg, Illinios continues to prosper over the centuries into a well established community. As the motto states, “Progress Through Thoughtful Planning”, we extend this tradition of thoughtful planning before any project, to manifest a beautiful home with new exteriors of your choosing. Whether you’re looking for siding, gutters, roofing, windows, or doors, our team can help bring your ideas to fruition. Speak with our local experts today to consult details, information, goals, budget, and more information on select products. You can also schedule an appointment at any time for more direct meetings with professionals.