Replacement Siding, Windows & Doors, and Roofing in Elgin, IL

Harris Exteriors brings you certified installations of replacement sidingdoorswindowsroofing, and gutters in the Elgin, IL area that will encompass every aspect of modern visual aesthetics and increased property value. Elgin, the eight largest city in Illinois, has been known for its’ advancements in home improvement and exteriors, which has explicitly helped the 37,848 households maintain a well established community. Prosperous and growing, Elgin continues to improve with our trusted services over the years. Becoming a reliable company has taken dedication and experience, which reflects in our quality installations. We offer some of the best products in the industry- hand-picked by our experts who know and understand the importance of investment & returned value.

Downtown Elgin aerial view, 2018

Designer Replacement Siding

When you’re looking for replacement siding with a wide selection of designer choices, look to the professionals at Harris Exteriors. We have long-running commitment to all types of siding, which provide everything from insulated barriers to traditional vinyl. Every homeowner is different, with unique ideas and visions for their proposed home appeal. Visual representation is important for personal style and appearance, as well as gained property value. That being said, we carry several brands that deliver premium results in quality products: Alside®James HardieMastic, and more. Home siding is a very instantaneous first-impression of modern houses, and we aim to make this a positive reaction.

Insulated Replacement Windows

At Harris Exteriors we believe in long-term investment. This shows with our replacement windows, which are not only reliable products but also have insulated technology built-in. We have chosen to condense most of our products and opted to carry specific items that include insulated improvements. We’re one of the few window companies that provide very specific types of windows in the Elgin, IL area. Some of the brands we use coincide with our philosophy, which is why we strictly use Marvin® with exquisite designs, Andersen for generic purposes, Alside with excellent technology, Sierra Pacific® with multiple shapes for customizable combinations that create more visual choices.

Replacement Doors & Entryways

If you’re looking to replace the more common patio door establishment for ‘ease of use’, we have a great selection available. We also provide replacement doors for entrances, bedrooms, and other areas of your home. Our patio door brands consist of Marvin and Alside respectively as industry leading patio hinge technology and versatility. For entryway or exterior doors we use Waudena Millwork which has a beautiful selection, Andersen which encompasses every type of door available in the market, and Therma-Tru that strives for fire & thermal-protective doors. All of our products are reliable extensions of our quality care, installed by our experts for a premium finish.


Roofing is generally considered a smaller, more simplistic service provided by hundreds of contractors around Elgin, IL and the surrounding area. However, at Harris Exteriors we believe roofing is more design-oriented, as well as contribution to your home exterior investment. Providing a new roof replacement must be handled with care and professional approaches to establish a beautiful investment that helps homeowners achieve higher property value and new appeals. Our experts are not ordinary contractors, we’re specialists witht he experience, certifications, and customer approval ratings that guarantee a gorgeous finish on your roof. This includes our award winning brands GAF® and Owens Corning® for traditional shingles in various styles & colors, as well as DaVinci Roofscapes® for slate roofing. We believe every exterior must meet specific standards, and this remains true for new roofs.

Gutters & Gutter Covers

Gutters are another important asset to homeowners and their investment for better exteriors. Without gutters, both siding and roofing become a threatened part of your home through water leaks and leaf build-up. That’s why our team installs and replaces efficient gutter systems that protect your home, with covers that protect the gutter as well. It’s a complete system combined by Alside® or ACM® gutters, and Leaf Relief Gutter Covers. Replacement gutters that truly outlast weather conditions are important for your home and family.

Soffit & Fascia Replacement

If you need soffit & fascia replacement we have everything you need to create this wonderful trim. Proper integration with your siding panels and roof shingles is important for a seamless finish that will look professional. We use LP SmartsideAlside, and Mastic brands for installation. In most cases these can easily be installed without any hassles, as they utilize all modern connections. However, any unpredictable scenario can be resolved with our team of experts. Our goal is making sure all linings look natural, and appear installed during initial construction.

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Contact us today to speak with our experts about our siding, roofing, doors, windows, or gutters installation services, products, and company information. As the Elgin, IL motto suggest, “City in the Suburbs”, homeowners create a lovely environment and community through prosperous home exterior maintenance. Founded in 1835, Elgin has a long tradition of invention and innovation which remains true today. At Harris Exteriors we continue this tradition through our products and exterior services. Contact us at any time to consult one of our professionals and learn more about selected services.