Ready to swap out your aging windows with more durable, attractive and energy-efficient ones? With so many manufacturers to choose from, finding the best windows for your home is the first and most important step you’ll make. One brand worth considering is Sierra Pacific Windows, a family-owned forest products company with one of its bases located right here in the Midwest. 

Standard models include:

Every replacement window should be viewed as an investment in your home and your family’s well-being. And there are many reasons Sierra Pacific products might be the solution to your needs. For one thing, you want to know your new windows will stand the test of time. What that means is that every feature, bit of glazing and cladding of your replacement window must be built to withstand even the most extreme elements throughout every season.

Where the Wood in the Window Frames Comes From

In order to trust in the quality of a product, it helps to know a little bit about where it comes from. Sierra Pacific’s windows, siding and other products can stand the test of time because the materials come from land owned by the company itself. Using top-grade timber from the country’s northwest region, Sierra Pacific oversees its sawmills and the process of assembling milled pieces into world-class windows and doors in their manufacturing facilities.

What Makes Sierra Pacific Windows Uniquely Durable

Before settling on a brand and model of replacement windows, it’s also helpful to know more specifically how they are designed for longevity and performance. For example, the exteriors of Sierra Pacific’s clad wood windows are fully encased in heavy-duty, extruded aluminum that’s twice as thick as roll-form cladding. You’ll appreciate this aspect when the next hailstorm hits. 

While slightly more expensive to manufacture, most of the company’s anodized collection is powder coated for surfaces superior to those using ordinary liquid paint. This process results in:

How Else Do Sierra Pacific Windows Protect Your Home?

What gives your home extra protection is the woods’ thermal superiority, which is due in part to being treated and protected against insects and moisture. The windows’ high-performance glazing further protects against weather and environmental conditions. As a finishing touch, their insulated glass and polymer structural foam spacers dramatically improve the products’ energy efficiency, reducing seal failures that are often caused by the typical metal spacers.

Select the Type of Window You Need Installed

Choosing among highly customizable models makes the task of replacing your windows that much easier. Sierra Pacific provides various window models, all of which achieve high energy-efficiency ratings. Three popular examples are:

1 Double Hung Windows

This high-performance model has:

Its innovative snap-lock design means there are no visible screws or fasteners on the interior of the window.

2 Awning Windows

These are a great choice when you want fresh air from an open window – even when it is raining. Like all H3 windows, the awning features a solid wood interior, an extra-strong vinyl base frame, and advanced window technology at an affordable price.

3 Casement Windows

These H3 casement windows provide top-to-bottom unobstructed views and swing open 90 degrees for great ventilation and easy cleaning. Their clean lines, smooth operation and top-of-the-line Encore folding handles make them a favorite of homeowners across the country.

A Harris Exteriors Expert Will Help You Install Your Top-Rated Window Replacement

When sorting through the various brands of windows available, it’s important to select replacement windows that are designed with both the aesthetics and advanced technology to get the most return on your investment. 

That’s why you should talk to a specialist at Harris Exteriors who can examine your existing windows to make sure you are taking the right step for your home. Our team will evaluate your needs and walk you through every step of the installation process. 

Harris is known for providing unparalleled customer service and quality craftsmanship for clients throughout the greater Chicagoland area. Contact Harris Exteriors to set up a consultation with a member of our team today!