Spring is here, and that means stormy weather that will test the strength of your windows. Is your home prepared to withstand the battering winds and rain to come? Strong and solid windows are essential to the structural integrity of any home (not to mention nighttime security and maintaining your lovely view). But, with so many other home repair tasks to address, repairing them often falls last on homeowners’ to-do lists. 

The task of replacing your windows can feel pretty daunting when you don’t know where to start. Some brands and models provide more longevity and return on investment, while others will have you searching around for yet another replacement. Exploring a few different factors will help you select the strongest and most appropriate solution for your home.

Midwestern Homeowners Face Growing Challenges to Lifespan of Window Frames

Midwesterners have long valued the natural beauty and strength of window frames made from genuine wood. However, extreme weather patterns have led to increased precipitation and more powerful floods in Illinois and beyond. And there are many potential signs your windows could use an upgrade. Suffice it to say, climate changes are posing some significant challenges when it comes to the health and longevity of the windows in structures throughout the region. 

Assess the Problem to Repair or Replace Windows with the Best High-Quality Solution 

The good news is the lifespan of a window can be extended by treating it properly, making any necessary repairs, and knowing when it’s time to upgrade. Simple steps like wiping them down to remove condensation will keep moisture away and help protect the wood. 

Still, there are different ways to deal with window issues when they do arise, and whether they can be repaired depends on the situation. If the glass is broken then the panes can usually be replaced. Replacing window thermals – by removing the trim on the inside of the window – can sometimes be done without having to remove and change the entire window. But more serious conditions will require a partial or full replacement.

5 Signs your windows may need an upgrade:

  1. Rot forming in the window frames
  2. Difficulty shutting properly
  3. Drafty windows 
  4. Warped or leaky windows
  5. Excess condensation between panes of glass

Whether you’re seeking repairs to address water leakage, updating obsolete structures in your home, or simply want more modern and attractive windows, there is a solution designed specifically for your unique needs.

Replace Old Windows with Advanced Wood Frames and/or Window Panes

When sorting through the various brands of window frames available, it’s important to select replacement windows that are designed with the most advanced technology to help them withstand the elements. For example, the brand Sierra Pacific distinguishes itself in the field by growing its own sustainable forests for its products. And they provide many types of window structures, all of which combine strong construction as well as beauty and high energy efficiency ratings. Three popular examples are:

Consult with Local Expert about Using Sustainable Wood for Window Installations 

Sometimes it’s hard to know if it’s time to consider a window replacement, let alone what the best options are for your home. To get to the root of your window problems and get a better sense of your options, speak to a window replacement expert who is familiar with your area. Harris Exteriors provides a number of different residential solutions, including Sierra Pacific brand windows from a trusted, locally owned provider. There are multiple benefits to these products:

Get an Assessment & Estimate for Sierra Pacific Products from Harris Exteriors

Whatever the issue, you don’t have to address it alone. Once a specialist has taken a look at your windows, you can feel confident knowing you are taking the right step for your home. The team of experts at Harris Exteriors can answer all your questions about repairs, installations and replacements of any or all of your windows. We service Chicagoland’s western and northern suburban homeowners, as well as townhome community associations.

Harris Exteriors provides unparalleled customer service and quality craftsmanship for the Chicagoland area. Our team will evaluate your needs and provide exterior options from the industry’s top manufacturers. Contact us to set up a consultation with a member of our team today.