Niles is a suburb found in Cook County. There are over 30,000 people living in this gorgeous town, and many homeowners here commonly have to deal with annoying window condensation.While this problem can be frustrating, it is not something that you have to just “deal” with. There are solutions to the problem that will take care of it so that you never again have to see this fog form on your home’s windows.
First, one must understand what the source of the humid air in the house is to determine why the condensation is forming in the first place. This could include showers, cooking areas, or newly installed materials after construction. Also, moisture collects during the summer and can cause condensation. Window condensation is known to form on the onset of the winter season, as well. Obviously, there are many things that can cause this common window problem.
The contact between warm moist air and the cooler dry air causes window condensation. Get quality, energy efficient windows that seal in the warm air, keeping it inside while locking out the cool air.  Getting the proper seal is key when it comes to preventing this problem. This could mean better seals, or the installation of more energy efficient replacement windows.