If the windows in your home are not in the best condition, you have likely thought about replacing them. And there are many reasons to get that task done before winter arrives. Imagine the relief of knowing your family can spend the entire winter season in comfort, no matter which room they’re in, without having to deal with cold drafts or excessive condensation.

While it’s possible to replace your windows throughout the year, getting it done before the cold arrives makes the process a bit more pleasant for those at home. Naturally, you’ll first want to ensure that replacements are necessary, since some window problems can be repaired without having to install an entirely new unit.

But if it’s high time your home had solid, well-designed, functioning windows, why put off the inevitable? As a motivator, consider some of the reasons you may not have thought of to replace your outdated windows, especially in the fall. 

What Are the Top Advantages of Replacing Your Windows in the Fall?

Anyone who has survived winter in the Midwest will understand some of the advantages of installing replacements before snow season. Not only do drafts have a way of entering a room when windows are past their expiration date, but even snow and ice can begin to enter through those gaps and cracks, as well. 

However, there are three benefits that are especially salient this time of year: 

1. More Energy Efficiency

Modern homes today should have high-quality, energy efficient windows to match. 

Examples of windows that are more efficient include double-glazed ones, as well as low E/Argon gas filled windows that can heat the glass and provide extra comfort and insulation in the winter.

2. Lower Utility Bills

Energy efficient windows also help homeowners save money on their utility bills by reducing the energy costs of both heating and cooling their homes.

3. Added Comfort

Those newly installed, energy-efficient windows will do more than reduce your carbon footprint. They can also stop annoying temperature fluctuations and unwanted drafts from entering your home.

What Are Other Benefits of Getting New Windows This Season?

Let’s face it. People get busy, and everyone puts off even necessary home renovations at some point. But if you’ve been avoiding taking steps to get those old windows replaced, you may be in denial as to just how much of a drag they have become.

And there are other advantages to replacing your windows you may not have considered. Such as the additional benefits that you will enjoy in every season: 

Extra Security

Double-pane glass and interlocking designs make it harder to unlock certain windows from the outside. Find out what models will help keep those uninvited guests out.

Added Beauty

Today’s state-of-the-art designs ensure that you are getting top of the line choices, as well as the most innovative styles, models and colors on the market.

Easier Cleaning

Many windows are designed with features that allow you to clean your windows much easier from inside as well as outside.

Increased Home Value

Installing high-quality, contemporary and energy efficient windows may also give your home’s resale value a boost. But even if you’re not going anywhere, the value they provide to your family and guests will be worth it.

Contact Harris Exteriors to Select the Best Replacements & Install Your New Windows

Harris Exteriors partners with the leading manufacturers of modern, efficient windows whose styles, colors, and grills can be customized to the individual demands of any given space. We understand that shopping for replacements can be a bit overwhelming. Since we work with many different providers, we can help clients figure out what selection meets their needs and is the best match for each room in their home. 

Harris Exteriors can install windows at homes in Streamwood, Barrington and Glen Ellyn, Illinois, and the surrounding areas. Reach out for a free consultation with one of our experts today.

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