The beautiful suburb of Wauconda is located in Lake County. It is home to over 13,000 residents. Being such a gorgeous town with both old and new homes, homeowners want the very best for their properties. When the time comes for exterior work to be done, they want to be sure that they are working with true professionals so that they don’t have to hire company after company to get the work done right. When you work with Harris Exteriors & More, you can rest assured knowing that your replacement siding, new roof, windows, or doors are going to be installed correctly and last for years to come on your Wauconda area home.
Siding is one of the best things you can replace on the outside of your home to give it a much more modern and fresh look. Our professionals at Harris Exteriors & More have a wide range of options that you can pick from for your house. The right solution is here with you! The type of new siding you intend to use should be decided on by various factors, such as the climate where you live, your spending budget, and what kind of look you’re going for.
Vinyl siding is one of the most popular replacement siding options that we offer. It’s practically maintenance-free and comes in many different colors and patterns to best match with the rest of your home’s exterior. It can be installed quickly and lasts for many years on a home. We can also provide you with aluminum siding, wood siding, and a variety of other great options. We will walk you through the advantages of each so you can make an informed buying decision.
At Harris Exteriors & More we understand the need to make your house look modern and appealing. We offer affordable and professional siding installation services for the entire Wauconda area.