Is there any better feeling than brushing off your porch and getting it ready for summer gatherings? Throughout the spring, homes across the country have been converting rooms and open spaces to take advantage of the warm summer months ahead. 

A well-designed patio or screen porch can bring many benefits to your home:

Yet, it can be tempting to put off this work-intensive ritual. Getting even a small porch ready for summer parties often introduces questions about much-needed renovations and upgrades. Here’s some food for thought to help get your started.

Take Time Setting Up Your Patio for Outdoor Relaxation

Give yourself enough prep time before making any plans for your patio. Rugs or other surfaces may need to be power washed. Pillow casing should be fresh and clean, as well. Light fixtures may need to be adjusted or replaced. When all else is complete, adding potted flowers to the mix will bring your patio to life.

Finally, don’t overlook the door leading to the patio. As we discuss below, the entrance is a vital component to the overall look and functionality of your favorite outdoor space. 

Clean and Prepare Windows & Screens for Installations or Replacements

An artfully designed screen porch is the perfect place for entertaining in warmer months. lt’s also one of the best ways to add value to your home. A porch can be two rooms in one if you swap out the screens for glass windows in colder months. However, the space can be enclosed other ways or simply go unused in winter. 

Getting this space ready for use starts with a thorough cleansing. Be sure to use gentle cleansers on all the wood surfaces. You may need separate products for metal, wood and glass surfaces. Then, when it’s time to install your porch windows, consider hiring a professional installer who knows their way around a window frame and can adjust trim or reinforcements without causing any damage.

Install More Energy Efficient Windows and Patio Doors

One of the biggest mistakes people make is building a beautiful screen porch but failing to install a decent door. What they may not realize is that replacing exterior doors is a simple way to improve the quality of the room while boosting the curb appeal of the home. A new door can bring other benefits, from more energy efficiency to increased safety.

There are many signs it’s time to upgrade your patio door:

  1. There is a draft near the door. 
  2. Its hardware no longer operates smoothly.
  3. They’re hard to open. 
  4. Condensation sometimes appears on the panes of glass. 
  5. Cracks have formed in the doors.
  6. Gaps appear between the doors and frames. 
  7. They are stylistically outdated.

When it comes to installing or upgrading doors and windows, work with an experienced contractor that is familiar with all the major models. To get them installed properly, an expert will take a look at the frame itself and make any possible adjustments. This ensures you’re choosing the most appropriate option for your space. 

What Type of Door Will Work Best with Your Porch or Patio?

Getting the best door for the allotted space depends on where it is located and what aesthetic is desired. Four popular options include:

1 Sliding

Sliding patio doors require less floor space than a hinged door, making them a great choice when space is limited.

2 Hinged

Hinged patio doors can feature a single or double door that swings open from the side for easy access to the outdoors.

3 French Sliding

Traditional-looking “French” sliding patio doors add elegance while saving space.

4 French Hinged

These hinged patio doors can be configured so that both doors open out or in to expand the living area. 

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