How To Choose The Right Windows For Your Home

So your windows have gotten up there in age, and are now starting to show they no longer function like they did when new. In the summer they don’t keep the cool air in, and in the winter they let the warm air out. This draftiness has now worn your patience thin. So you decide to invest in new windows. However, one could have a fairly good idea on what windows they wish to have in terms of looks, but may not know what may work best in terms of function, or energy efficiency.

Windows can be functional, and they can also be stylish, so it is important to understand the different types, and what they do, so you can then make a knowledgeable decision which will best suit your needs. There are windows which slide up and down, some swing in, some swing out, and some even slide. The possibilities are almost endless regarding what you want your windows to do, in function, and in appearance.

Types Of Windows

There are multiple different types of windows. It is, however, crucial that you are properly informed about the different types so you can make an educated decision, suiting you and your home to the best of its ability for years to come.

Double Hung- These are fairly neat since they not only have the ability to move up and down at one pane but can do it at both, due to the fact that the panes are separate from each other, thus allowing a large amount of versatility in a wide range of applications.

Casement- If you are the person who wishes to be heavily energy efficient, this may be the style of window for you. Casement Windows open in a crank motion and swing out of the home, actually acting as a guide to help direct any fresh air into the home.

Awning- These are somewhat similar to the “Casement”, style of window discussed previously. These still swing out of the home, much like the Casement Window, but swings vertically, instead of out. They retain the crank style mechanism and can lock into place.

Picture & Transom- These are quite possibly one of the more opulent styles of windows. They are commonly characterized by their tall stature, whilst employing a variety of different designs in order to suit your needs. They are often quite large and are best suited in a living room, or something comparable.

Sliding- These types of windows are single-handedly providing the largest amount of glass area based on their size. However, they also can slide open, thus their naming. This type of window provides absolute massive airflow into the home.

Bay and Bow- These are the type of windows which utilize a singular pane in the middle, and two flanking it at an angle, allowing them to jut in, forming the name earning “bay”, shape. These are easy to consider when one is trying to fill a very large opening.

Energy Efficient Windows

We all like spending less, which is why it is a good idea to take energy efficiency into account as a factor when deciding on your next window. When shopping for windows, it is often wise to look out for the “Energy Star”, sticker. This means that it is in fact certified by the Energy Star program, which is managed by the Environmental Protection Agency, and U.S. Department of Energy. For products to receive this certification they need to meet a certain grade of quality. This includes all the parts and hardware being tight-fitting, and the seals letting minimal air through, sometimes through the use of double panes, which are gas filled in between one pane and the second.

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