Located in the northeastern part of Illinois, the affluent township of Elk Grove Village is known for its classy homes. Over 33,000 residents live in this town today. The suburban village is found in both DuPage and Cook Counties with many stylish, fashionable and vintage homes. As a homeowner here, you surely want to get reliable information on how to give your home a fresh and exciting look and feel, and this includes updating your roof, windows, attic, and entry doors.
Looking for a durable, stylish and colorful roof? Get the most reliable information concerning modern roofs in Elk Grove Village from Harris Exteriors & More. One of the key aspects is to understand how long a roof lasts before you purchase or even think about getting a new one. Being a fundamental part of your home, it will not only protect your house but it should also look great. The longevity of any roof depends on the material used.
Metallic roofs have been proven to last for over 4 to 5 decades with minimal repair or replacement costs. These are not only durable, but also classy. They are pricy albeit. Like metallic roofs, asphalt roofs are also common in Elk Grove Village. These are durable and could last for over 20 years if taken care of. Copper and aluminum roofs are known for their cooling and ice buildup protection aspects respectively. As it ages, a copper roof appears stylish and thus is a compelling choice for many in the area.
Harris Exteriors & More has a team of roofing professionals who will be able to come to your home, inspect the roof, and determine whether or not it’s time for replacement. If it is, we will discuss the pros and cons of all the roofing materials we have to provide for you. We will provide you with both a time and cost estimate for the job, as well.