Des Plaines is popularly known as the ‘City of Destiny.’ It is home to over 55,000 people, most of these individuals are homeowners who often experience problems with window condensation. There are several factors that can contribute to this problem, and the window experts at Harris Exteriors & More will be able to help you if you commonly see this issue occurring in your home.
Window condensation is a very serious case and can cause serious damage over time to the window frame. This issue happens when cool, dry air comes into contact with the warm moist air. The modern technology used in making new windows allows the warm air to get inside while cold air is locked outside the room. Moisture inside the room could come from the moist air from unvented clothes dryers, hot showers, the steam from a cooking area or from other processes that generate moisture. This air condenses, forming fog when it comes into contact with the window glasses. However, this does not allow the warm air to escape.

Harris Exterior & More professionals have the expertise, knowledge, and skills to give all homes the help they need to prevent this annoying problem. To avoid window condensation during the onset of winter, we at Harris Exterior & More install modern windows and ensure no unwanted moist air in the house can effect the glass or framing materials. We have the skills to detect the devices causing moisture and recommend the right way to handle these problems.