Lombard is a nice suburban village located close to the Windy City. Harris Exteriors & More is proud to provide homeowners in this area with the exterior services they need to keep their property looking great throughout the year. We offer modern and reliable ice dam control, window replacement, entry doors, siding, and roofing among other home improvement services at an unbeatable price.
Protecting your family and your belongings is a great reason for building and maintaining a strong and secure house. However, regardless of how well your home is built, you could still have problems with ice dams, especially when things start to thaw out in the spring. Ice dams have been known to cause serious damage to a home’s roof and gutter system. They are caused by heavy snowfall and ice during the cold, freezing winter. There really aren’t any Lombard homes that are exempt from the frequent freezing weather. Therefore, there is a need for reliable ice dam control services in the suburb to protect against leaking roofs which are a result of this nasty melting ice.
Ice on your roof could slowly start melting along your roofline when the warm air from inside leaks out through the attic. This melts the ice down the roof. However, the water may suddenly stop at the overhang due to refreezing since the temperatures here are lower than the top of your roof which gets sunlight and warm air from the attic. This causes the ice dams to form and damage your roof and gutters.
Harris Exteriors & More is here to save you the agony of living in a home with this type of condition. We will ensure that your roof stays strong and durable without any ice dams. We advise you not to chip off the ice that has collected- this might appear a cheap solution, but this can cause a lot of problems, and the ice could fall and hurt you or a loved one. Our experts will seal your attic and improve attic ventilation. This goes a long way to ensure that ice dams don’t collect on your roof since the outside and the underside air will now have similar temperatures.
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