Elgin is a beautiful place to live in northern Illinois. This is an area located in Cook and Kane County. Over 110,000 people love and live in the Elgin area. Residents here need various home improvement services to maintain their classy homes. From interiors to the stunning exteriors, Elgin homeowners love quality and affordable services that fit into their spending budget. Harris Exteriors & More has established itself as a leading exteriors service provider in the neighborhood. We have reliable home repair skills to help in controlling ice dams in your home. This goes a long way to help you preserve the quality of your home’s roof and siding.
A well-built roof protects you and the rest of your home. However, lack of inspections, maintenance, and heavy snows could mean a lot when it comes to the creation of unwanted problems like ice dams collecting on the roof. This causes damaged shingles, roofing panels and boards, ruined gutters, and water damaged siding. Ice dams are commonly caused by the heavy snowfalls that occur during the bad, cold and freezing winter weather. With low winter temperatures taking over the entire Elgin neighborhood, it could be a devastating time for most homeowners. Well, Harris Exteriors & More could save you the problems associated with these dams, such as leaking roofs that may be a result.
When ice collects on the roof tops, the warm air from inside the house will leak slowly through the attics, thus melting down the ice. Unfortunately, the water may refreeze again on the overhangs, causing the ice dams to form again. This eventually damages roofs, causing deterioration and leaks.
Avoid dilapidated roofs- let us take care of the ice dam issues. Harris Exteriors & More is not only experienced but professionally trained to be able to handle ice dams. While most homeowners opt to stand up on a ladder and chip the ice out on their own, this may not only damage the roof but also exposes you to the risk of getting injured by the falling ice and bitter cold. Let us take care of the work for you. Get reliable ice dam services from Harris Exteriors & More.