The affluent West Chicago neighborhood is known for its gorgeous homes. Over 27,000 individuals hail from this community. The town is found in DuPage County. With so many people choosing to call this town home, it’s no wonder that so many homeowners are looking to find a decent, respectable home improvement company that they can rely on. Harris Exteriors & More has established a lasting reputation in the area as far as attic insulation, replacement windows, door installation, and other exterior services are concerned.
A modern West Chicago homeowner will be conscious of their energy consumption. There are various ways of ensuring that you spend less on your energy bills- from installing energy efficient windows to insulating your attic, homeowners in this neighborhood can leverage on our expertise to ensure that their homes use less energy through the use of special insulating materials for the top of the home.
We have attic insulation that will help to make your home more comfortable, and it will reduce the amount of heat loss through the top of your home. At Harris Exteriors & More, we can provide you with affordable and professional insulation installation services that you can depend on. We will inspect your attic to determine whether or not you need to seal them, if you need to add on existing insulation, we can help – or if you are building a new home and need someone to insulate the area entirely – we can help with this work, as well.
Attic insulation is rated with an R-value. This is the ability of insulation to stop heat loss. When you need better thermal performance in your home, then a higher R-value is required. Our experts will help you to determine what R-value is best for your home’s needs, and for your spending budget. Call us today to schedule an appointment for a consultation.