Doors leading from your garage to your home, patio doors and sliding glass doors can all become damaged over time. Established in the Chicago area for more than 16 years, Harris Exteriors and More, Inc. knows that entry doors are subject to the Midwest’s changing weather. Extremes from hot, humid summers to snowy winters with freezing temperatures can take a toll on wood or steel doors in the form of warping, cracking or rusting. The door may stick and become hard to open and close. It might not lock easily because it no longer sits properly in the frame. There might be gaps in the frame due to poor fit. An inefficient door can increase your heating and cooling bills, possibly shortening the life of your HVAC system.

The result of daily use and abuse on wood or steel doors can detract from your home’s curb appeal in the form of scratches, cracks, dents or rust. In addition, worn hardware, hinges, and damaged or missing weather stripping and kick plates indicate an outdated system that could compromise your home’s security.

Replacing an entry door yields a significant return on investment with some studies indicating a return as high as 91 percent! In shopping for a new door system, do your research online, then visit one of Harris Exteriors and More, Inc.’s showrooms in either Streamwood or Glen Ellyn to view some of the choices you’re considering.

Fiberglass doors are a practical option for most people; they are moderately priced, dent-resistant, and require little maintenance. While a smooth, paintable surface is available, an embossed wood-grain texture is more common. Some doors’ edges are notched to make them look even more like wood.

Fiberglass doors that are Energy Star-qualified are independently tested and certified. They often have tighter-fitting frames and are built with a polyurethane foam core to insulate against cold and heat. An adjustable threshold will help keep the door weather-tight over time by sealing out rain and drafts.

If you choose anything other than a solid panel door, select double- or triple-panel insulating glass to help reduce heat transfer. Privacy glass levels are determined by calculating the amount and placement of the textures in a specific design. Transparent glass offers the least amount of privacy by allowing unobstructed views in and out of the home. Combining clear and opaque glass in the design results in partial obscurity and a medium level of privacy. Opaque or highly textured glass gives the highest level of privacy by allowing the view of shadows and colors but no distinguishable shapes.

Harris Exteriors and More, Inc.’s showrooms in Streamwood and Glen Ellyn proudly feature doors by Therma-Tru and Waudena Millwork, two established industry leaders that are located in the Midwest. These vendors offer custom colors as well as a full range of popular paint or stain colors so you can easily achieve the look you want. Due to differences in computer monitor calibration, it is best to look at sample colors in person.

The framing around the door will need to be redone if you’re adding sidelights or a transom. These are significant changes best completed by a professional contractor. Harris Exteriors and More, an established and financially stable company whose team has over 150 years of combined industry experience and knowledge. We will gladly provide you with references regarding previous door installations.

Entry doors greet your guests and offer a preview of what lies inside. Your door should make a statement that is consistent with the rest of your home. Let Harris Exteriors and More, Inc. help you say something new. Visit one of our showrooms today!

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