Hail Damage Repair

There have been many homes damaged by recent hail storms in Chicagoland’s Western & Northern Suburbs which are now in need of hail damage repair services. From all over the area, insurance companies have been overwhelmed with the amount of claims being filed for hail damage. If you suspect that your home may have been damaged by a recent storm, you should get in touch with Harris.

Our team of expert estimators can determine what type of repair, or possibly replacement, that your roof will need and help you get a plan in place for having your roof properly taken care of.

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Hail DamageThe size of the hail will have an impact on the amount of damage your home has. Typically, the areas of your home which will be damaged are: the roof, the siding, the AC unit, windows, exterior doors, patios, and decks. The air conditioning unit is the easiest place to notice any hail damage. The metal coils will have dents which are circular in appearance. It may appear that the unit was struck by many golf balls. If it appears this way, then chances are rather high that your home has been impacted by hail.

Harris offers professional, effective hail damage repairs for homeowners all over Chicagoland’s Western & Northern Suburbs.

Locating Hail Damage at Your Home

Step One: Locating hail damage at your home can begin with a search around the outside of your home for noticeable damage. Look for things such as recently damaged paint or dents in the exterior siding. If you’re able to safely access your roof, try to find missing shingles or shingles with blisters or dings and dents. Also, look for dings and dents within your rain gutters and downspouts.

Step Two: Check in your home for noticeable damage. New water stains on the ceiling or running down your walls is a concern that should be quickly dealt with! If you do not repair a roof leak in a timely fashion you might end up having to totally replace your roof, along with major repairs caused by water leaking in your home.

Step Three: Speak to your insurance agent immediately and make sure they are aware of the damage. They’ll likely have one of their adjusters out to assess your home and prepare a cost estimate for the repairs.

Step Four: Speak to Harris for an independent evaluation. Even though you trust your insurer and their adjuster, it is best to get a second opinion from a roofing contractor you have confidence in. Because we do not work with the insurance company they should be less biased with our evaluation.

Step Five: Have everything in writing. The roofing contractor you choose to hire ought to provide you with a contract detailing the work to be carried out and what it will cost you. You insurance company also needs to provide you with paperwork about the specifics of your claim. Cover yourself by getting as much as you need to feel comfortable in writing.

It only takes a few minutes for your home to get damaged by hail. Don’t wait too long after the storm! –get in touch with us ASAP!

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